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St. John's is a praying congregation! We pray for one another as our Lord invites us, bringing our requests to Him with thanksgiving. How can we pray for you? Let us know by filling out the form below. You can make your request visible by selecting an option in the "public visibility" section. You can also submit a private request. All public prayer requests can be found below this form. Please take the time to look at them and pray for them. Thank you.


Please bring the following requests to our Lord in prayer.


Please pray for the family and friends of Barbara Schmidt, who passed away on Tuesday, April 20 after a year long battle with pancreatic cancer.


Prayer of Thanks for Jinny Rathje, who after chemo, radiation and infusions has received a report of Prayer of Thanksgiving. Jinny Rathje after a year of chemo, radiation and infusions for breast cancer, a report of "no evidence of cancer".


Please pray for Joyce Gruener who was being treated for cancer and it was determined that chemo was not effective and stopped a month ago. After many prayers and a visit with Dr. today, they will try an experimental new treatment to battle this disease.


Please pray for a good friend, Maria Jonak, who will be undergoing lung surgery on Tuesday, March 23 in Sloan-Kettering in the city.


Prayers for Shelee Donna Mernick (mother of Chris DeVoe’s girlfriend) who is struggling with Covid. Please also pray for strength, comfort & peace for daughter, Marah & granddaughter, Sarah.