Bible study

Every week we offer a number of opportunities to study the Scriptures, explore the depths of God's grace, and grow in our understanding of our faith. Our classes are light-hearted, engaging, and welcoming. Come join us! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us. 

  • weekly bible study

    Time: Tuesdays, 11:00am and Thursdays, 7:00pm

    Location: Connecting Room (downstairs)

    Leader: Pastor Jake Allstaedt

    Current Topic: Luther's Small Catechism

    Written by Martin Luther in 1529, the Small Catechism provides a brief, clear summary of God’s Word on the essentials of the Christian faith. In question-and-answer format, it explores the Six Chief Parts of Christian Doctrine and includes daily prayers, a table of duties for Christians in their various callings, and a guide for Christians as they prepare to receive Holy Communion. An explanation designed to help readers understand and apply Luther’s Small Catechism has accompanied editions of the catechism since the early days of Lutheranism. The 2017 edition offers an updated and expanded explanation, tackling issues prevalent in our culture today. Come learn and explore with us!

  • Sunday morning lessons bible study

    Time: Sundays, 9:15am

    Location: Connecting Room (downstairs)

    Leader: Deacon Charlie Turner

    Current Topic: Weekly Lectionary Readings

    During our Sunday Morning Bible Study, Deacon Charlie Turner will take you through the Scripture readings appointed for the day. You will learn key insights about the texts that will enrich your understanding of the Scriptures and prepare you for worship!


    Time: Thursdays, 12:00pm (begins again on September 26)

    Location: Board Room (upstairs)

    Leader: Paul Koppelmann

    Current Topic: "Not-So-Nice Bible Stories: Master Criminals" by Jonathan Schkade

    "Discuss This" is a weekly book discussion lead by our Ministries Coordinator, Paul Koppelmann. We are currently reading and discussing "Patience & Perfection: Finding Peace in God's Plan for You!" by Daniel E. Paavola. Here's a snippet about the book: "In this life, we’ll never be perfect. We take one step toward perfection and two steps back, losing confidence in ourselves with each movement. We might lose patience with ourselves—can’t we just be perfect already!?—but God gently smiles and continues walking with us. God is slowly but consistently sanctifying you. He is patient with you. He loves you. And He declares you perfect in Christ.

  • Sunday School

    Time: Sundays, 9:15am

    Location: Fellowship Hall (downstairs)

    Leader: Diane Jellema

    Curriculum: Enduring Faith

    Sunday School is for all ages! We meet together in our Fellowship Hall (downstairs) for a time of snacks and songs at 9:15am before breaking off into class. Classes are split by age group and offer an opportunity to learn the Bible with age-appropriate curriculum. Families are encouraged to come together! We have an adult Bible Study group that meets at the exact same time.

  • Confirmation

    Time: Sundays, 9:15am

    Location: Board Room (upstairs)

    Leader: Pastor Jake Allstaedt

    Current Topic: The Small Catechism

    Confirmation is an opportunity for students in 7th Grade (or older, if they have not been confirmed) to make a personal confession of Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. In preparation for their confirmation, students are taught the truths and habits of the Christian faith. On Confirmation Sunday, students will take responsibility for their faith and the church, committing to Christ what is already His through Baptism: their lives.