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Check back here for a short, weekly devotion written by a member of our congregation. May they be a blessing to you as you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

WEDNESday, JuLY 1, 2020

"But He answered them, 'You give them something to eat'" (Mark 6:37).

For Jesus, compassion extends even to feeding people who otherwise might miss their supper. Not really a big deal (unless, of course the hungry ones number five thousand or more), but it is meeting an important need. Which is what compassion is all about - meeting needs, all kinds of need. 

The disciples did not understand that at first, it seems. They wanted to send the crowd away to fend for them selves. They learned an important lesson that day. 

Beside learning about how compassion and meeting needs were part and parcel of Jesus' ministry - and now theirs - they learned how much Jesus could do with so very little. He taught them all they had to do was bring to Him whatever they had. He would take care of the rest and make things happen. Five loaves and two fish. "It's not much, Lord, but it's all yours." The rest is history. 

Now what about me? What is my answer when He asks, "How many loaves have you?" Do I say, "Not enough!" and then walk away? Or do I say, "Not too many, but you can have them all"? 

Among other things one of the important lessons in the feeding of the five thousand is how much Jesus can do with a little. Five loaves and two fish for five thousand - incredible, unbelievable - with twelve baskets of leftovers. All it took was giving it to Jesus. He did the rest. 

We may think we have only a little to offer. That may indeed be the case (although most often doubtful), but that's all He needs. 

The question is not, "Can Jesus make any use of what I have (or am)?" The question rather is, "Am I willing to give what I have (or am) to Him?"

Give it to Him and see what happens.

- Pastor Henry

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