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Check back here for a short, weekly devotion written by a member of our congregation. May they be a blessing to you as you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

FRIDAY, December 4, 2022

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also" (Luke 12:34).


I'm sure that you are very familiar with this verse (which Matthew writes as well - at Matt 6:21). You probably relate it right away to a discussion about money. While money is relevant here, Jesus' comment goes well beyond money. If you look at everything you possess, and everything you are, what do you value the most? I'm referring to material possessions, relationships, health, talents, hobbies, etc. If you were to lose any of these things, how much would it impact you? I hope you can honestly say that your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is your most prized possession - your true treasure.


Idolatry comes into play here as well. The first Commandment says, "I am the Lord your God, ...You shall have no other gods before Me" (Exodus 20). With our knowledge of the bible stories in the Old Testament, many of us likely have visions of idol worshippers - people worshiping a gold calf or bronze statue of a god - situations that many of us probably feel are far removed from the lives of most Christians today. However, I would like to suggest that idolatry among modern-day Christians if very common - if not pervasive. I recently heard a definition of idolatry that really challenges each of us - if we're truly honest with ourselves. Here it is:

     "What is an idol? Anything apart from Jesus that we depend upon to be happy, fulfilled or secure."


Wow! Doesn't that kind of strike close to home? The key words here are "depend upon." Can we honestly say that we depend solely on Jesus Christ for our happiness, fulfillment and security? Or do we also depend on our earthly relationships, our possessions, our jobs, financial status, worldly activities, social status or popularity to achieve those objectives? What we depend upon is our treasure.


But the Good News that Jesus - by His death and resurrection - has put to death even our idolatry, so that, in the resurrection, we now have a promise: we shall indeed have no other gods but Him.


Lord, You have done so much for me. You watch over me 24/7. Everything I have comes from You. Forgive me for depending on so many other things to be happy, fulfilled or secure. You should always be my most important priority and my greatest possession. Help me, Lord, to be ever mindful - and forever thankful for - Your holy presence, Your unconditional love, and Your many blessings.

- Hank Funsch

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